demo portfolio
artist statement

  My majors areas of interest are two fold. First I want do create photo-realistic digital environments for feature films and other entertainment media. I want to create imagined and re-imagined worlds and environments that are convincing enough to an audience that they will believe in them and can be immersed in them. I want a deep visual understanding of nature and the world around us. I want this understanding for two main reasons. One, I want to obtain the tools and methods to create my own worlds that are believable and that people will experience as though they are as real as the reality and world we occupy.

I want to reach a level of artistic accomplishment to work with a group of people that believe in what I believe. To work with people that want to make believable realities and portray wonderful and fantastic stories. I want to work in feature films and other entertainment mediums that will utilize the skills that I can provide.